No Flat Pack

Here at Oak Furniutre King we pride ourselves on being No Flat-Pack, and for good reason. However we often get the question "What's good about no flat-pack" so here are the reasons why Oak Furniture Kings fully assembled products are much better than flat-pack furniture.

So what's good about No Flat-Pack?

- You won't have to assemble the product yourself, as it comes fully assembled and ready to be placed in your beautiful home. Here at Oak Furniture King we know all the hassle comes with putting together furniture, the lost instructions, missing pieces or simply not having the correct tools. It can be a lengthy task putting together furniture so why cause yourself all the hassle, when you can simply but your furniture fully assembled and ready.

-Once you've assembled the piece of furniture you may find that some of the drawers may not close properly or perhaps the doors even be wonky! Yes, no matter how good your DIY skills are sometimes the parts aren't made correctly or maybe that particular piece just won't sit correcty. You have to make the piece of furniture perfectly to get it to fit properly, which takes a lot of concentration as well as your valiuable time!

-Flat-Pack Furniture can be easily damaged, as it is often crafted from man-made MDF which has no where near the quality or durability that Solid Oak has. This can cause a lot of problems in the long run as it simply doesn't have the longevity that Solid Oak Furniture has, which must be paramount in every home. 

- A lot of Flat-Pack furniture looks the same simply because the design of the product has had to be simplified so less material can be used. This could prove vital to your home as the style coud become plain and boring, purely because the Flat-Pack furniture has no personality to it. 

- Putting together that Flat-Pack furniture could become so frustrating and complicated that you end up paying for someone to come in and put it together for you. Yes you may think this semms farfetched but it has happened, and everyone at Oak Furniture King wouldn't want that to happen to you!

So there are five great reasons why Flat-Pack furniture is no good for you or your home, head over to our Solid Oak page to find out why Solid Oak is the way to go!