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Inspiration For Your Home with Furniture

  1. Mantelpiece Monday - Furniture Ideas

    Mantelpiece Monday - Furniture Ideas
    with it being a Monday makes it Mantelpiece Monday! This is where we look at cool new ideas for Solid Oak Mantelpieces that could transform your home, and make a tattered old mantelpiece a breath of fresh air, and perhaps a cornerstone in your own house. First up we have the simple but effective Solid Oak Mantelpiece with a rustic...
  2. Cool Furniture Hacks

    Cool Furniture Hacks
    Cool furniture Hacks Here's our list of cool furniture hacks we think you should consider trying. Even if you're not qualified in this area of work, we're sure you will pick it up quite easily. After all, if done correctly you can save yourself a lot of cash, and have a beautiful furniture piece that compliments your interior impresses your...

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