How To Use Felt Pads for your Oak Furniture

As beautiful as Oak Furniture is, sometimes it can be quite high maintenance. One of the major problems is how it sits on a hardwood floor. Depending on the floor that you have, it can either decide to slide and not be very stable, or can cause damage to the floor when trying to the move the product. Both of these can cause headaches in the years to come, causing issues with your floor and furniture.

However this can be easily avoided with the simple use of felt pads, which are a perfect solution to this problem, and don't cost a lot of money either.


Buying the felt pads

When buying the felt pads you want to make sure that you're getting some decent ones as these will serve better in the long run, they may be more expensive-but not too much. Also make sure you stock up on these felt pads, as they can be used on any piece of furniture saving you a lot of time and money. The best thing to do is to buy in bulk, giving you that extra room if you may lose one.


Right size and where?

You can get Felt Pads in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you get the right size for you and the products you want to protect. You can get them from any good hardware store, however getting them from the store you got your furniture from ensures they're the best for those products.


Before the Fit

If you're going to be applying this to furniture that will be moved quite often, then you may need to help the felt pad out. To do this you need to get some stronger adhesive like construction adhesive, and put a blob of this on top of the back of the felt pad. To do this peel the off the strip at the back off the pad, and apply the adhesive on top.


Fitting the Felt

Once you've got the gear the next step is really easy. Simply peel off the strip at the back of the felt pad, revealing the adhesive and attach it to one of the corners/legs of the product. Once that's on and working, repeat for all of the corners/legs so it's all protected.


Let it set

This is especially important if you've used the additional adhesive as you need to let it set, so it's best to leave it for a couple of hours. So sit back and put a film on while you wait! This will ensure when you move the piece of furniture it won't slip and slide off and scratch the hardwood floor.


Put them to the test

Now that's all done it's time to invite your friends and put the products to the test, and you can sure that your furniture won't be scratching your hardwood floor.