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Rasing The Rings - Making Our House a Home | The Best Ways To Use Oak

As much as I love ‘clean’ furniture at the moment, there’s still that draw to wooden pieces. There’s something about all kinds of wood that have timeless appeal; not forgetting that they’re incredibly robust, are usually well made and are seen as investment pieces. They’re the things around the house that will have character ingrained upon them by you and the ones that live in your home – most probably the kids with their pens. One of my favourite types of wood is oak. Oak is incredibly popular and isn’t showing signs of going out of fashion any time soon. It’s perfect for around the house as it’s solid and hard wearing. It’s particularly well known for having stunning open wood grain markings and it comes in two shades; white oak, which is quite light and grey/brown in colour or there’s red oak which has a reddish tint. Either way, there’s a place in everyone’s home for some good, solid, oak wood furniture. Continue Reading


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Rachel Bustin - Oak Furniture Wishlist for a New Home

Moving into a new home was a very special time for us. We finally had worked our socks off to afford a gorgeous 3 bed detached house with a rather large garden. Much better than the 3 storey town house built into a hill we moved from. Anyway we love proper wood furniture, the sturdy robust type that will last forever and worth spending those extra pennies on.I love a blank room to plan from, this is what one end of the living room looked like before the movers arrived. It doesn’t look like that now of course – it’s missing baby girl’s toys! But you have an idea of the space. Continue Reading.