Oak Dining Table Sets

Since the 14th Century Oak Dining Table Sets have been a cornerstone to the Dining experience. Through time they've evolved from simply being a place to eat at, to a feature piece for the whole room. Time has moved on developing a vast range of Oak Dining Tables to choose from, making it difficult to find the perfect Dining Set!

Breaking it Down

With there being so many ways to categorise an Oak Table, it's best to just look at the key areas. When is it better to have an extending Table? Which sort of Style goes with which home? Which colour Dining Chairs work with which table? Is Oak the only way to go?

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To Extend or Not to Extend

An extending Oak dining Table can give that extra bit of room. If you have guests coming round? extend it. Need more room? extend it. Too much food on the table? extend it. Having the option to do this makes the extending dining table so much more appealing. Also even though the table is extendable, it doesn't lose any quality! So it's a win win situation! So if the option is there to get an extending dining table, do it.

Which Style you should be going for?

This is a very subjective question as it always comes down to personal taste really, however this may help steer that decision. With so many collections of Oak Dining Sets, you need to get the right one! If you're looking for that more rustic classic look then the French Chateau or the Cotswold Collections are perfect. With that darker finish, it has a really warm look to it and gives you a hint of days from yesteryear.

On the other hand, the Seattle, Vermont and Hampton Dining Sets bring that Modern look. With a much more brighter finish, it has a light look to it that could very easily light up a dining room.

If you lie somewhere in the middle, finding you would like a taste of both Richmond and Kuba are the types to be looking at. They have a very mild look to them, and blend with that beige/cream style of a modern home. So there's something for everyone after all.

Which colour Dining Chairs?

Dining Chairs are always awkward to choose, purely down to the amount of choice there is! A darker table, Brown Leather Dining Chairs always seem to work best as they don't completely dull it down, and compliment it perfectly. For a lighter Dining Table, Ivory Leather Dining Chairs are perfect, as they enhance the brightness of the dining table really blending in with the set. For those mid-brown coloured dining tables, the Black Leather Dining Chairs work a dream.

Is Oak the only way to go?

In a short answer No. There's a vast amount of Dining Tables out there, and I suppose you don't want to pigeon hole yourself. However if you want quality and longevity, then yes Oak is the only way to go. The Oak dining table has the sturdiness to deal with 20 plates at once.The Oak Dining Table has the style to become a talking in any room of your house. It has the quality to survive a knock on the side. Most importantly it has the longevity to last a long time. Yes the Oak Dining Table Set will cost you more than your average dining set, but you're investing in this Dining Set. So do yourself a favour and treat yourself today.