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October 2017

  1. The Kuba Oak Collection!

    The Kuba Oak Collection!
    The Oak Kuba Collection! Here at Oak Furniture King, the Kuba Collection is by far the most revered, and there's no surprise why. The Kuba collection has such a distinguished look, from it's chunky exterior giving it that robustness, to the sleek feel of it. There's not much it doesn't have. The Kuba Oak Collection spreads across so many spectrum's...
  2. Blogs We Love!

    Blogs We Love!
    Here is a place where we can broadcast our favourite blog posts that we feel will benefit you, our customers! From Wacky DIY hacks to looking at Oak Furniture and seeing how it can better your home! Hope you enjoy. If you feel you have some content that would be suitable here. please get in touch and email Raising...
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Oak Dining Table Sets

    The Ultimate Guide to Oak Dining Table Sets
    Oak Dining Table Sets Since the 14th Century Oak Dining Table Sets have been a cornerstone to the Dining experience. Through time they've evolved from simply being a place to eat at, to a feature piece for the whole room. Time has moved on developing a vast range of Oak Dining Tables to choose from, making it difficult to find...

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