Winter is coming...

Winter Is coming!

With Autumn slowly coming to an end, we can see that Winter is just around the corner. Inevitably with the cold weather coming along with Winter, we will be craving for warmth and comfort, where will that be coming from? Of course it will be our Bedroom, and most importantly our Oak Beds!

However year on year we make the same mistake of failing to invest in our Beds, which ultimately effects our sleep and comfort! So this year, before all the Christmas shopping starts, ensure a good night sleep throughout the whole of Winter. Invest in a Solid Oak Bed and an ever comfortable Memory Foam Mattress.

French Chateau King Size Bed The Stunning French Chateau King Size Bed

Oak Furniture King

Here at Oak Furniture King we have a wide selection of Beds that will supply you with comfort. Whether it's a Double Bed or a King Size Bed, we have you covered. We also have a range of Mattresses from 6" to 10". Additionally we have the choice of a Memory Foam Mattress or a Orthopaedic Mattress, depending on which one you prefer.

The Collection Of Beds

We have a wide collection of styles of Solid Oak Beds, all in Double and King Size. The Light Oak Cottage Double Bed gives off a modern feel, and can easily brighten up any Bedroom, providing a sturdy sleep.Then we have the French Chateau Oak King Size Bed, which has a fuller look and a classic aesthetic to it. Finally we have the Cotswold Double Oak Bed, which has a more of a plain feel and look to it, but it's still impressive.

Oak Double and King Size Beds

Overall an Oak Bed is the only way to go, and with our Free Delivery across the UK, Oak Furniture King is the place to get it from. If you want quality service, with a quality product SHOP NOW!

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