Furniture models and interior design - Coming soon (BETA stage)


The 3D model gallery page will be a collection of our products made within a trusted design software. You will be given instant access to taking your own virtual tour to better learn about our products and their details. You have the choice of downloading models directly to your PC/laptop or viewing them in 3D on our blog.

Create Your Own - REQUEST A 3D MOCK-UP

By requesting a 3D mock-up you have the choice of requesting a personally rendered interior design model of your home (uploading photo's of your home), giving you the opportunity to see how products will look virtually, before making a purchase. This is our new approach to making your shopping experience that little bit easier - and more interesting - when it comes to matching furniture within your home. Please consider that sending in pictures of the room(s) you're looking to add our products in is mandatory. You also have the choice of altering product placements within the design if you are unsatisfied with your first layout choice. And, if you're still not convinced at this point, well, your 3D design - with your chosen furniture -  will be made for you completely FREE! 

What else you can expect: 

If you're looking for inspiration and a various collection of interior design ideas then our gallery would be the perfect place to start. You will be presented with a detailed, tour-able selection of models which you can explore at your own leisure via our blog or download to your PC/Laptop to view in more detail.

Please note:

  • Downloading a model will not grant you access to editing
  • We will only upload your 3D model - not your photo's- onto our gallery
  • An estimated time frame of your 3D mock-up will be specified after your submission and;
  • The products we sell are 100% Solid oak, no chipboard, mdf or veneer.

3D Warehouse

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