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  • How to use Felt Pads for your Oak Furniture

    How To Use Felt Pads for your Oak Furniture

    As beautiful as Oak Furniture is, sometimes it can be quite high maintenance. One of the major problems is how it sits on a hardwood floor. Depending on the floor that you have, it can either decide to slide and not be very stable, or can cause damage to the floor when trying to the move the product. Both of these can cause headaches in the years to come, causing issues with your floor and furniture.

    However this can be easily avoided with the simple use of felt pads, which are a perfect solution to this problem, and don't cost a lot of money either.


    Buying the felt pads

    When buying the felt pads you want to make sure that you're getting some decent ones as these will serve better in the long run, they may be more expensive-but not too much. Also make sure you stock up on these felt pads, as they can be used on any piece of furniture saving you a lot of time and money. The best thing to do is to buy in bulk, giving you that extra room if you may lose one.


    Right size and where?

    You can get Felt Pads in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you get the right size for you and the products you want to protect. You can get them from any good hardware store, however getting them from the store you got your furniture from ensures they're the best for those products.


    Before the Fit

    If you're going to be applying this to furniture that will be moved quite often, then you may need to help the felt pad out. To do this you need to get some stronger adhesive like construction adhesive, and put a blob of this on top of the back of the felt pad. To do this peel the off the strip at the back off the pad, and apply the adhesive on top.


    Fitting the Felt

    Once you've got the gear the next step is really easy. Simply peel off the strip at the back of the felt pad, revealing the adhesive and attach it to one of the corners/legs of the product. Once that's on and working, repeat for all of the corners/legs so it's all protected.


    Let it set

    This is especially important if you've used the additional adhesive as you need to let it set, so it's best to leave it for a couple of hours. So sit back and put a film on while you wait! This will ensure when you move the piece of furniture it won't slip and slide off and scratch the hardwood floor.


    Put them to the test

    Now that's all done it's time to invite your friends and put the products to the test, and you can sure that your furniture won't be scratching your hardwood floor.

  • The Kuba Oak Collection!

    The Oak Kuba Collection!

    Here at Oak Furniture King, the Kuba Collection is by far the most revered, and there's no surprise why. The Kuba collection has such a distinguished look, from it's chunky exterior giving it that robustness, to the sleek feel of it. There's not much it doesn't have.

    The Kuba Oak Collection spreads across so many spectrum's from Oak Dining Sets to Display Cabinets, and they all stay consistent to the stand out style.

    The Kuba Collection is the oldest at Oak Furniture King, becoming a staple of our collections. This is due to the sheer love that a lot of people have for this style of furniture. It carries a certain Modern look around, due to the lightness of the oak it works with a lot more homes.

    Dining Sets

    Kuba's Dining Sets are a separate beast as it works with so many different Dining Chairs, whether they are Fabric, Leather or Oak. This is down to the chunkiness of the Dining Table, there's something that the chairs play off so well. Regardless of the stunning beauty of the Kuba Dining Set, it still stays at a reasonable price.

    Display Cabinets

    The Kuba display cabinet is the second most cheapest, but personally it's possibly the most charismatic. Again with it's modern tone it lights up a room. As well as adding to the room aesthetically, it also gives you storage space. You can store anything from your favourite ornaments to films, it's all down to you.

    TV Cabinets

    Finally the TV Cabinets is where the Solid Oak Kuba Collection really shines! Once again not only offering style but it also offers so much space! On top of this the Kuba Cabinets are by far the cheapest within this section!

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    Here is a place where we can broadcast our favourite blog posts that we feel will benefit you, our customers! From Wacky DIY hacks to looking at Oak Furniture and seeing how it can better your home! Hope you enjoy.

    If you feel you have some content that would be suitable here. please get in touch and email alex@alm-distribution.co.uk

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    Rasing The Rings - Making Our House a Home | The Best Ways To Use Oak

    As much as I love ‘clean’ furniture at the moment, there’s still that draw to wooden pieces. There’s something about all kinds of wood that have timeless appeal; not forgetting that they’re incredibly robust, are usually well made and are seen as investment pieces. They’re the things around the house that will have character ingrained upon them by you and the ones that live in your home – most probably the kids with their pens. One of my favourite types of wood is oak. Oak is incredibly popular and isn’t showing signs of going out of fashion any time soon. It’s perfect for around the house as it’s solid and hard wearing. It’s particularly well known for having stunning open wood grain markings and it comes in two shades; white oak, which is quite light and grey/brown in colour or there’s red oak which has a reddish tint. Either way, there’s a place in everyone’s home for some good, solid, oak wood furniture. Continue Reading


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    Rachel Bustin - Oak Furniture Wishlist for a New Home

    Moving into a new home was a very special time for us. We finally had worked our socks off to afford a gorgeous 3 bed detached house with a rather large garden. Much better than the 3 storey town house built into a hill we moved from. Anyway we love proper wood furniture, the sturdy robust type that will last forever and worth spending those extra pennies on.I love a blank room to plan from, this is what one end of the living room looked like before the movers arrived. It doesn’t look like that now of course – it’s missing baby girl’s toys! But you have an idea of the space. Continue Reading.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Oak Dining Table Sets

    Oak Dining Table Sets

    Since the 14th Century Oak Dining Table Sets have been a cornerstone to the Dining experience. Through time they've evolved from simply being a place to eat at, to a feature piece for the whole room. Time has moved on developing a vast range of Oak Dining Tables to choose from, making it difficult to find the perfect Dining Set!

    Breaking it Down

    With there being so many ways to categorise an Oak Table, it's best to just look at the key areas. When is it better to have an extending Table? Which sort of Style goes with which home? Which colour Dining Chairs work with which table? Is Oak the only way to go?

    Solid Oak Dining Table Sets Solid Oak Dining Table Sets

    To Extend or Not to Extend

    An extending Oak dining Table can give that extra bit of room. If you have guests coming round? extend it. Need more room? extend it. Too much food on the table? extend it. Having the option to do this makes the extending dining table so much more appealing. Also even though the table is extendable, it doesn't lose any quality! So it's a win win situation! So if the option is there to get an extending dining table, do it.

    Which Style you should be going for?

    This is a very subjective question as it always comes down to personal taste really, however this may help steer that decision. With so many collections of Oak Dining Sets, you need to get the right one! If you're looking for that more rustic classic look then the French Chateau or the Cotswold Collections are perfect. With that darker finish, it has a really warm look to it and gives you a hint of days from yesteryear.

    On the other hand, the Seattle, Vermont and Hampton Dining Sets bring that Modern look. With a much more brighter finish, it has a light look to it that could very easily light up a dining room.

    If you lie somewhere in the middle, finding you would like a taste of both Richmond and Kuba are the types to be looking at. They have a very mild look to them, and blend with that beige/cream style of a modern home. So there's something for everyone after all.

    Which colour Dining Chairs?

    Dining Chairs are always awkward to choose, purely down to the amount of choice there is! A darker table, Brown Leather Dining Chairs always seem to work best as they don't completely dull it down, and compliment it perfectly. For a lighter Dining Table, Ivory Leather Dining Chairs are perfect, as they enhance the brightness of the dining table really blending in with the set. For those mid-brown coloured dining tables, the Black Leather Dining Chairs work a dream.

    Is Oak the only way to go?

    In a short answer No. There's a vast amount of Dining Tables out there, and I suppose you don't want to pigeon hole yourself. However if you want quality and longevity, then yes Oak is the only way to go. The Oak dining table has the sturdiness to deal with 20 plates at once.The Oak Dining Table has the style to become a talking in any room of your house. It has the quality to survive a knock on the side. Most importantly it has the longevity to last a long time. Yes the Oak Dining Table Set will cost you more than your average dining set, but you're investing in this Dining Set. So do yourself a favour and treat yourself today.

  • Oak Wardrobes - The Perfect Place For Comfy Clothes

    Oak Wardrobes and Comfy Clothes

    Oak Wardrobes are one of the most valuable pieces of furniture you could ever own. Mainly because of it's extravagant look and it being the perfect place for all of your clothes. Too many people settle for less and go for a wardrobe that won't keep their clothes warm and safe, an Oak Wardrobe does just that.

    How Much?

    Oak Wardrobes are an expensive piece of furniture, there's no escaping that, but wait! Yes you may have to pay a larger sum now, but you will never have to buy another wardrobe again. Cheaper Wardrobes will warp, veneer will bend and the doors most likely will work their way off. An Oak Wardrobe will never let you down, standing firm and tall, keeping all of your clothes warm! You can create you own Bespoke wardrobe if you like, but more than likely the Oak Wardrobe will have all you need!

    The Qualities

    With an Oak Wardrobe you know what you're going to get, a sturdy Wardrobe with a classic design. Also you have the choice from a lighter Oak to a Darker Oak, a triple Wardrobe or a Double, so many options.

    Cottage Light Solid Double Oak Wardrobe Cottage Light Solid Oak Double Wardrobe

    This particular Oak Wardrobe has a much lighter finish, and with it being a double you can guarantee plenty of room. Also the price is only £464 which could be considered a lot. But if you get 20 Years out of this Wardrobe (which you will) it's only £23.20 a year!

    The Verdict

    Oak Wardrobes will save so much money in the long run, making it a key piece of furniture. Also it makes a statement in any Bedroom, as it will stand out. This could also serve as a good talking point, which everyone loves. For the long standing quality of the product you cannot beat the Oak Wardrobe.

  • Hot Drinks need an Oak Coffee Table

    Solid Oak Coffee Tables

    With the cold weather quickly coming to get us, we will be drinking even more hot beverages, which need a home and what better than a Oak Coffee Table? A Solid Oak Coffee Table can be one of many things, a centrepiece to a room, a talking point. Most importantly it's a home for drinks that wake us up in the morning, and help us sleep at night. Of course there's many different Coffee Tables, however a hot drink looks best on an Oak Coffee Table.

    Why a Solid Oak Coffee Table?

    A good Coffee Table gives any Living Room a lift. However there's a lot of choice out there, but the Oak Coffee Table is the only way forward. With it's Solid look, you know the table is complete quality from head to toe. So you won't have to worry about the table easily breaking. Also an Oak Coffee Table is easy to maintain and clean. Also they have a really warm look to them, regardless of looking classic or modern. Finally Oak Tables have a real life span, and will never let you down.

    Which Oak Coffee Table?

    Cotswold Oak Coffee Table Cotswold Oak Coffee Table

    The Cotswold Coffee Table

    The Cotswold Oak Coffee Table is ideal for the classic homes that want that more rustic look. With it's dark oak look, it has a real warm feel to it. On top of this the Oak coffee Table has four drawers, so you will have plenty of storage for books and mags.

    Only £239

    Oslo Oak Coffee Table Oslo Oak Coffee Table

    Oslo Oak Coffee Table

    The Oslo Oak Coffee Table is more suited towards those homes that are more modern. With its light oak look, and sharp edges it has a lot of character and can life a room up. This also has two drawers, giving you some space to put your belongings. Also this colour really meshes well with a colour of a cup of tea.

    Only £232

    Cottage Oak Coffee Table

    The Cottage Coffee Table is one of the best we have here at Oak Furniture King. This also has a light look to it and is better for those more modernised homes. Although this doesn't have any drawers, it has a shelf at the bottom which is more than enough. This also adds to the overall design of the table.

    Only £254


    Whichever one you choose you can guarantee that you will be getting the quality that you deserve, and the home you hot drink needs. Also you must remember that you get Free UK Delivery, so you won't have to worry about collecting your item!

    Please comment on what you think of the coffee tables, and which one you would choose!

  • Winter is coming...

    Winter Is coming!

    With Autumn slowly coming to an end, we can see that Winter is just around the corner. Inevitably with the cold weather coming along with Winter, we will be craving for warmth and comfort, where will that be coming from? Of course it will be our Bedroom, and most importantly our Oak Beds!

    However year on year we make the same mistake of failing to invest in our Beds, which ultimately effects our sleep and comfort! So this year, before all the Christmas shopping starts, ensure a good night sleep throughout the whole of Winter. Invest in a Solid Oak Bed and an ever comfortable Memory Foam Mattress.

    French Chateau King Size Bed The Stunning French Chateau King Size Bed

    Oak Furniture King

    Here at Oak Furniture King we have a wide selection of Beds that will supply you with comfort. Whether it's a Double Bed or a King Size Bed, we have you covered. We also have a range of Mattresses from 6" to 10". Additionally we have the choice of a Memory Foam Mattress or a Orthopaedic Mattress, depending on which one you prefer.

    The Collection Of Beds

    We have a wide collection of styles of Solid Oak Beds, all in Double and King Size. The Light Oak Cottage Double Bed gives off a modern feel, and can easily brighten up any Bedroom, providing a sturdy sleep.Then we have the French Chateau Oak King Size Bed, which has a fuller look and a classic aesthetic to it. Finally we have the Cotswold Double Oak Bed, which has a more of a plain feel and look to it, but it's still impressive.

    Oak Double and King Size Beds

    Overall an Oak Bed is the only way to go, and with our Free Delivery across the UK, Oak Furniture King is the place to get it from. If you want quality service, with a quality product SHOP NOW!

  • The Impeccable Solid Oak Kuba Range

    Solid Oak Kuba Collection

    Kuba Solid Oak Collection

    Our Solid Oak Kuba Collection is one of the widest collections we have here at Oak Furniture King, with every piece having that durability and style. The Kuba collection has a very modern look and feel to it, with its light finish and cube style. Furthermore, all of our products have a price reduction, along with our price beat promise, helping you save more!

    Solid Oak Kuba Living Room Products

    Kuba Solid Oak Living Room Products

    You can save over £100 on most of our Kuba Solid Oak Living Room Products, which is always a good deal. When it's combined with Free UK Delivery you cannot really argue with the product. The Kuba Living Room Collection can give you a chunky modern feel to any room. Which is one the reasons why it's the most popular collection here at Oak Furniture King. From Solid Oak Coffee Tables to Oak Lamp Tables, you can be sure that you will find a product that will suit your home.

    Solid Oak Kuba Dining Room Products

    Solid Oak Kuba Dining Room Products

    Along with the Solid Oak Living Room products you can save up to and even possibly over £100 on some of our Solid Oak Kuba Dining Room Products. You may just think it's just Oak Dining Tables within this category. However we also have sideboards and dressers. The Dining Room products still stick to that chunky modern look that so many people desire, and can really make a dining room look bigger than it actual is. The Kuba Solid Oak Dining Tables can work with so many Dining Chairs, whether it's Leather, Fabric or Oak. The Kuba Dining Table can bring the best out of any Dining chair.

    Solid Oak Kuba Bedroom Products

    Solid Oak Kuba Bedroom Products

    Finally the Solid Oak Kuba Bedroom Products are probably some of the finest products that we have here at Oak Furniture King. With a selection of Chest of Drawers to choose from, you should be able to find the one that suits your bedroom. Of course you can save £100 on these products like you can save on any of our other Kuba solid oak products. With the Free UK Delivery you cannot really lose out. The chest of drawers, along with the beside table and tallboy storage, all have that chunky modern look like the other products. This gives the bedroom a calm feel to it, something that you may find in a high end apartment in London.

    Overall the Kuba Solid Oak Collection is one of the fan favourites here at Oak Furniture King. So when searching around for some brand new oak products to fill your house with, Kuba! Remember to leave a comment below and share this wherever you can and spread the word about our cheap prices and Free UK Delivery!

  • Why a Solid Oak Coffee Table Is a Good Investment

    The relevance of having a an Oak coffee table is mainly for the practical aspect, with the added bonus of having a beautiful, strong furniture piece that is the centre of any living room. It is important of how useful a coffee table can be – especially when purchasing oak.

    Benefits of Oak Coffee Table

    Store magazines & newspaper
    Place your drinks or the occasional pizza
    Can put your feet up
    Store your remote control or;
    For decorational purposes
    Purchasing solid oak products is a long-term investment in furniture – along with it being a stunning center piece that goes well with almost any interior decor. As you can see below, oak dominates pine and beech wood.

    Solid Oak Coffee Table Chart

    Solid oak furniture is hard-wearing and incredibly easy to maintain. Simply dusting and polishing regularly will preserve that “just-new” look.

    Sound good? well, there’s more…

    The characteristic grain pattern and the many shades, styles and finishes, you can be confident finding the perfect companion for your home decor.

    Along with a fantastic lifetime-lasting, beautiful storage solution, solid oak furniture is also highly resistant to:

    Scratches & dents
    Moisture & spills
    Humidity & temperature changes
    Grease & oil

    So as you can see from this quick and informative post that a Solid Oak Coffee Table is well worth the money, as it can save you so much time and money in the future. As well as this, it bring so much style with it and can lift any living room by simply being in there. Also here at Oak Furniture King you won't have to worry about receiving your Oak Coffee Table as we offer Free Deliver across mainland UK, so you can sit and put your feet up while waiting for your coffee table.]

    Remember to Rate and Subscribe to our Newsletter so you don't miss out on any of our deals, and you really get the Oak Furniture King experience.

    Shop Now!

  • Beds With Mattress Sale

    The bed sale is still on. Take advantage of our fantastic offers and be the proud owner of one of our modern beds (including a mattress) sets for under £200!

    Florence King-size Bed [5ft]

    Florence Kingsize Bed

    Now only: £143.40

    Our unique Florence beds will bring nothing but style, elegance, comfort and practicality; and all at an affordable price. If your master bedroom needs space filling, one of our king-size beds will do the job perfectly.

    Ottoman King-size (Gas lift) Bed [5ft]

    Ottoman Kingsize Bed

    Now only: £122.85

    Key Features:

    • Deep storage offering double the space of a conventional divan with drawers
    • Soft Faux leather upholstery
    • 2 x gas lift mechanisms for easy lifting
    • Metal side rails
    • 2 x metal support beams + central support leg
    • Sprung slatted base for mattress
    • This bed is available in 4FT 6” double and 5FT king size

    Turin King-size Bed (4 Drawer) [5ft]

    Turin Leather Bed

    Now only: £167.40

    The Turin bed is a stylish contemporary designer sleigh bed upholstered in black faux leather. It features 4 spacious drawers giving you extra storage space in your bedroom. With its distinctive chunky headboard and extra storage space, the bed is sure to add a modern feel to your bedroom.

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